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Risk & Incident Management

Managing risk at your club

Community and recreational groups, such as sailing clubs, need to be aware of risk and potential injury or harm to people. Although there are some legislative requirements in this respect, having a risk awareness and risk management plan is best practise and common sense for all clubs. In general, the main risks that clubs need to be aware of are risks associated with harm or injury to people and property. Under the law, clubs have a duty of care to:

  • Their members
  • Competitors
  • Spectators
  • Coaches, instructors, officials
  • Volunteers
  • The general public

This duty of care extends from not just the club and its surrounds but also the operations of the club. For example, a sailing event on the water. Best practise risk management involves developing a Risk Management Plan.

Clubs that want to check in on their approach to managing safety and risk can do so using a self-assessment tool. The self-assessment tool can be used as a prompt to reflect on your Club's progress and identify areas for continuous improvement.

Club Safety Self-assessment Tool


Risk Management Resources

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