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Strategic Planning

Stategic planning is crucial for clubs and class associations for sustainability. Strategic Plans can be as simple or as complex as your club needs and can help ongoing committees continue the vision for the future. The resources include how to help set your goals and how to create a implementation plan as well as examples from different clubs.  

If you would like assistance starting this process or updating your current plan, send an email to your local AS team below. 

Strategic Plan Process

Step 1 - Define the purpose and goals of the club 
Goal setting: 
 Committee review and sign off club purpose and goals
 Vision and objectives circulated to stakeholders for feedback
 Committee review and sign off vision and objectives

Step 2 - Define the club's organisation structure

Create the club’s organisational structure and define all position descriptions and subcommittee terms of reference, including the following:
  Objectives delegated to position or sub committee
  Planning requirements
  Reporting requirements
  Skills sets required
  Time to be contributed
  Processes to be followed
  Delegated authority

Step 3 - Recruit and empower people to the roles
Recruit people to the roles and sub committees. Ensure they receive:
  Suitable induction and training
  Policies and procedures updated and in place
  Resources and support
Step 4 - Implement plans and achieve club goals
Throughout the implementation process the committee will:
  Review the planning process, approving where required
  Monitor progress of plans and strategies and adjust to changes and results



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