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If a party is not satisfied with the outcome of a protest, they may appeal the decision.

Appeals can only be submitted by parties to the original protest hearing.

The result of a protest that has been heard by a National or International jury cannot be appealed.

If you intend to lodge an appeal, the following timeframes and processes are important:

  From the time of receiving the verbal decision at the original protest hearing, you have 7 days to request a copy of the decision in writing from the protest committee.
  From the time of receiving the original decision in writing, you have 15 days to lodge your appeal.
  Your appeal must be submitted via the Application Form below. The Appeal Application form will outline the supporting documentation that you must submit with your Appeal.
  In your written appeal you must state the reasons why you believe the protest committee's interpretation of a rule, or its procedures, were incorrect.

Appeal Process

  The appeal application process is via the Application Form below and requires all documentation to be uploaded.
  When the Appeal Application has been submitted with the required documents uploaded, a notification is sent to Australian Sailing.
  Under rule 70.5 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), Australian Sailing will determine if the criteria for an appeal to be valid have been met. If the response is negative, we inform the appellant. If the response is positive, we inform all parties that we will process the Appeal and invite the parties to submit comments in a limited period of time. At the same time, we will constitute an Appeal Panel of consisting of five judges.

Additional information may be requested after receipt of the comments by the Appeal Panel.
A decision is taken following the receipt of any additional comments or information. The Appeal decision is then sent from the Appeal Panel chairperson to Australia Sailing.
Australian Sailing will communicate the final decision to all parties.
If you are interested in additional details, please refer to Rule 70 and Appendix R of the RRS.

Appeal Application Form 

Guidelines for a boat submitting an appeal

These are guidelines for a boat submitting an appeal following a protest or redress hearing

 Guidelines for a boat submitting an appeal

Guidelines for a protest committee

Guidelines for a protest committee requesting confirmation or correction


   Guidelines for a protest committee

Guidelines for an affiliated club or class

Guidelines for an affiliated club or class to request an interpretation of the Rules


 Guidelines for an affiliated club or class 

Appeal Decisions

Reading appeal decisions are a valuable way to learn the racing rules and how they can be applied.

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