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Ratings & Measurement

Rating systems, handicaps and yardsticks, and class certification are what define a boat's equipment and how it is scored in a race.

Classes are defined by measurement rules. Handicapping allows boats to compete across classes and allows boats and crews to compete based on performance and equipment on an equal basis.

Systems such as IRC, ORC International and ORC Club are independent data based ratings of a boat's performance potential and provide events scoring options that are scientific and unbiased. Superior to performance handicapping, clubs with keelboat fleets are encouraged to take advantage of these services.

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IRC rates measured data such as a boat’s weight, length, draft, rig and sail area, as well as special features like water ballast, canting keels and bowsprits, to allow a wide range of keel boats to compete against each other on a similar playing field.

Certificate type: Fully measured (Endorsed)

ORCi and ORCc

The ORC International  and Club rating system. With a complete set of measurements of the hull with appendages, propellor, stability, rig and sails, it is then possible to use a Velocity Prediction computer program to calculate the theoretical speeds for the boat in various wind conditions.

ORCi Certificate : Fully measured

ORCc Certificater : Owner measured (subset of ORCi data)

Australian Class Based Handicap (CBH)

CBH provides a National System for even and fair racing on handicap in a mixed fleet of Trailable Yachts and/or Sports Boats

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Measurers Listing

IRC, ORCi and CBH require measurements to be audited by an appointed measurer. This is the list of appointed measurers by state and their contact details.

Class Measurement Certificates

It is a requirement, as per RRS Rule 78, that a boat’s owner and any other person in charge shall ensure that the boat is maintained to comply with the class rules, and that the measurement certificate remains valid

Dinghy & Catamaran Yardsticks

Australian Sailing provides lists of yardsticks for dinghies and off-the-beach catamarans.

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Sail Numbers

Sail numbers are an important way of uniquely identifying a vessel for a variety of purposes. They are a requirement for racing, and could be critical in a search and rescue situation.


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