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Jury Approvals

Jury approval requests

When clubs are acting as Organising Authorities (OA) for major championships, it is recommended that they empanel a jury of sufficient quality to officiate at that level of competition. National and international level juries have minimum requirements of the personnel and these must be approved by Australian Sailing as the World Sailing Member National Authority (MNA).
    - Events with only Australian competitors= national jury 
    - Events that will have international competitors= international jury
Prior to making an application, OA’s are required to check the rules regarding jury appointment and approvals (RRS 70.5, 91 (b), Appendix N and Addendum A).

National Jury minimum requirements:
• Shall consist of no less than three members.
• A minimum of 2 National Judges and at least 1 regional level judge.
• No less than 2 states or countries to be represented.

International Jury minimum requirements:
• The Jury shall consist of a Chair, Vice Chair (if desired), and other members for a total of at least five. A majority shall be international Judges.
• No more than two members (three in group M, N and Q) shall be the same national authority.
• The Chair of a Jury may appoint one or more panels composed in compliance with the rules.

Match Racing or Teams Racing National Jury:
• Minimum of three jury members
• At least three shall be National Umpires.
• No less than 2 states or countries will be represented.
How to find Jury members:
Use the Officials Finder on the AS website
Contact Australian Sailing staff
Speak to the class association

Application timelines:
National juries: at least one (1) month prior to the event
International juries: at least three (3) months prior to the event


Applications will be responded to within 7 days.
Approval will be in the form of a letter from Australian Sailing, listing the event name & dates.
The approval letter must be displayed on the official regatta noticeboard.
NOR and SI’s must include denial of the right to appeal in the event (use the Blue Book template Appendix K&L).


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