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ORC Ratings

Certificates can be re-validated at anytime throughout the rating year but all issued certificates in a rating year will expire on the 30 June.

Certificate Type: Measured Certificate Validity: 1 year Rating Year: 1 July – 30 June

How do I apply?

Choose the your application type below by clicking the link in the table below.

Please note that these measurement sheets are Excel files. They need to be downloaded to your computer, completed and updoaded with your application in the same format.

Application Type

Per Application

Application Type

Per application

ORCi Revalidation  $385.00 ORCc Revalidation $110.00
ORCi New Application $600.00 ORCc New Application  $110.00
ORCi Amendment $250.00 ORCc Amendment $110.00


ORC uses the International Measurement System (IMS) as the rating platform, ORCi requires audited measurements while ORCc uses self-declared data from the owner. Note that it is in your interest to provide the most accurate data possible – measured data is preferable to data that is owner declared or assumptions from the designer, builder or other source.

Clubs or fleets wanting greater integrity should appoint a Technical Committee under RRS 89.2(c) to confirm owner declared data by completing equipment and measurement checks.

ORCi Revalidation

ORCi certificate holders who have had a rating issued within the last 5 years can apply for an ORCi revalidation online. 

ORCi New Application

For boats that haven’t previously held an ORCi certificate or who’s last ORCi certificate was issued more than 5 years earlier.

The measurer will supply the ORC data file directly to the Rating Office.

ORCi Amendment

For boats that hold a current and valid ORCi certificate and have made changes to the originally rated data. If you don't have a valid certificate for the current year and you have made changes to the boat you will need to apply for a Revalidation


ORC Club Revalidation

For annual renewal of an ORC Club Certificate. Certificates can be revalidated up to 5 years after the previously issued certificate.

ORCc Measurement Manual

ORC Club New Application

For boats that haven’t previously held an ORC Club certificate

ORC Club Amendments

Once a valid certificate is issued by Australian Sailing, ORC Club certificates will be entered automatically into the ORC Sailor Services database, where copies can be obtained and test certificates can be run for proposed changes in measurement trim. However, if these changes to the boat, its spars, sails or crew are permanent, you must contact the Australian Sailing Rating Office to have your certificate amended.



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