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Safety Committees

Safety Committee

The main task of the Safety Committee is to provide advice to Australian Sailing’s Board members on safety matters and to oversee the strategic direction of the safety program.  This invariably involves reviewing, proposing and interpreting safety regulation for the sport of sailing.

The appropriate level of regulation is always a difficult balance to strike. Too much regulation does not necessarily lead to safer outcomes and can detract from enjoyment of the sport of sailing.  Conversely too little regulation can lead to a cavalier approach to safety, reckless behaviour and importantly not capturing important lessons from past experiences and incidents.

Committee Members

Chairperson Ray Shaw Email
Member Jenny Maclean Email
Member John Easton Email
Member David Austin Email
Member Emma Spiers  
Member Will Oxley Email
Member Anne Simpson Email
Member John McKechnie Email
Member Shane Connelly Email
Member Richard Hudson Email


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