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Equipment Auditing

Equipment Auditors assist yacht owners and Clubs to maintain safety standards. The role of the Equipment Auditor is to assess a yacht's equipment to ensure that the owner has complied with the Special Regulations for the relevant category of racing that it is intending to compete in.

Equipment Audit Forms

Equipment audit forms for all categories, including multihull and off the beach boats. Other forms available include the Keel and Rudder inspection form.

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Equipment Audit FAQs

A list of frequently asked questions about boat audits and becoming an equipment auditor.

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Find an Auditor

Find an equipment auditor in your area.


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Become an Equipment Auditor

The process, and information on how to become an equipment auditor


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Equipment Auditing Policies

Authority to Audit a Boat

Completing Audits

Trivial Non-compliance in an Audit

Responsibility of the Person in Charge

Equipment Auditor Conflict of Interest