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Discover Sailing Centres

Discover Sailing Centres

Discover Sailing Centres are a club or centre which is accredited to deliver Australian Sailing learn to sail, or powerboat programs, through qualified Australian Sailing instructors. They adhere to standards that ensure safety and customer satisfaction, in order to attain and retain this status. Only centres accredited to do so, can display and promote the Discover Sailing brand as they have the services, systems and standards in place to uphold the brand “Discover Sailing”.

The major benefits of being an accredited Discover Sailing Club or Centre are:

  • Fulfilment of community and customer expectations
  • Fulfilment of duty of care. 
  • Recognition by Australian Maritime Safety Authority, and State Marine Regulators
  • Recognition by other government departments. 
  • Access to qualified Instructors
  • Access to Nationally Recognised Programs, Courses, materials, and standards. 
  • Minimised risk and reduced exposure to liability.
  • Unambiguous insurance cover. 
  • National promotion of upcoming courses to the public via the Discover Sailing Website.
  • National registration, recognition, and information technology system.
  • Support by Club Services Officers in developing and managing programs


Australian Sailing programs available at Discover Sailing Centres include:

Tackers - introductory sailing program for children aged 7-12 years-old

OutThere Sailing - teenager fun and social sailing on a dinghy, keelboat, windsurfing and/or SUP

Dinghy - thrilling small boat sailing

Keelboat - sailing on up to 10m boat with up to 6 crew on board

Windsurfing - exhilarating windsurfing sailing

Powerboat - driving small powerboats



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