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Para Classifiers

National Classifier 

Classifiers play an important role within the Para Sailing community by classifying sailors according to the current World Sailing Rules for Para Classification. These classifications are then used to identify a sailors eligibility to compete in various para sailing competitions and specific races.

The Australian Sailing National Classifier qualification and accreditation is used to recognise somebody that has chosen the route of officiating as their way of progressing through the sport. A National Classifier will have met the stringent criteria for officiating in their stream. Competitors will expect a high level of expertise from these officials. 

Competitors accept that these people are skilled health industry professionals whilst acting as amateur volunteer Officials within the sport.

Classifier Contacts


State Name  
NSW Stephen Wilson
- International Classifier
- Australian National Classifier
- Australian Sailing Head of Classification

NSW Sarah Ross
- International Classifier
- Australian National Classifier

Either of the above can be contacted via:

Accreditation and Reaccreditation Information

The National Classifier Qualification is managed by Australian Sailing, who ensure that all requirement to be a Classifier are properly documented and administered. Acceptance of accreditation and reaccreditation and applications is at the absolute discretion of Australian Sailing. 

To apply for National Classifier accreditation or reaccreditation with Australian Sailing please read the National Classifier Qualification Details (items 1-6), then complete the; 

National Classifier Accreditation Application Form, or the
National Classifier Reaccreditation Application Form.

Submitting an application form will require you to upload any supporting documents (in PDF format), and acknowledge and agree to follow; 
- The Officials Code of Conduct (and in turn)
- The Australian Sailing Member Protection Policy
- The Racing Rules of Sailing and Regulations.

The terms of appointment shall be as follows:
- Appointment begins on the date approval is granted by AS.
- The duration of appointment shall be not more than four years from the date approval is granted.
- Reaccreditation approval must be obtained prior to accreditation expiry every four years.
- All forms received by Australian Sailing will be processed within 30 days of being submitted.

International Classifiers

World Sailing qualified Classifiers may have their qualifications registered in the AS qualification database. If you are interested in being registered with Australian Sailing and displaying your qualifications on the national database and Officials Finder pleased complete the Classifier - International Level Accreditation Application Form.
International Classifiers who register with Australian Sailing will be automatically granted National level qualification and their accreditation expiry dates will match that of their World Sailing qualifications.


The Classifier accreditation process and associated resources have been created in consultation with the Australian Sailing Head of Classification. If you wish to share your feedback about the Classifier accreditation process and resources, please send us an email

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