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Find an Official or Assessor

Australian Sailing accredited Officials can be searched by personal details (Name, Australian Sailing Number), Qualification and location through the AS website’s Officials Finder (

Find an Assessor

Performance Assessment forms for any of our National Officiating Program courses can be completed for the purpose of self-reflection and improvement, and also for accreditation and reaccreditation purposes.
Practical assessments can only be completed by accredited Officials (For further detail please refer to the accreditation policy specific to the officiating discipline you are interested in. Policies can be found here).

Note: Most often, applicants enguage with experienced Race Officials (as potential Assessors) through interaction at various regattas. This is an informal process, and in the instance where an applicant can not source an appropriate Assessor then AS recommends following Steps 1-4 below.

If an Assessor is not contactable from the Officials Finder, please contact AS via for further assistance.

To find an assessor take the following steps:

Step 1:  Browse the relevant Assessor database linked below for an assessor near you:
  Judge - Regional or National Level Assessors
Race Officer - Regional or National Level Assessors
Measurer - Sails and Spars or Officials Class Measurer Assessors
Umpire - State or National Level Assessors
Step 2: Once a suitable assessor has been identified, copy the Officials Australian Sailing Number and paste it in the Officials Finder (in the Australian Sailing Number search field)…Then select Search.
Step 3: From the OPTIONS drop down select CONTACT
Step 4: 

Complete all fields in the Contact Us page, then click Send Enquiry to email the Assessor.