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Australian Sailing COVID-19 Information Hub

Welcome to Australian Sailing's COVID-19 Information Hub. Here you will find the most relevant links to information and support for clubs (tabs on the right) as well as an archive of our COVID-19 related news stories and updates (below). 

To keep sailing safe for staff, members and event/course participants Australian Sailing strongly recommends that Clubs and Centres appoint a COVID-19 Safety Officer to implement a safe return to sport as per the State Government regulation and Australian Sailing Discover Sailing Centre Operating Standards & Guidelines. The COVID-19 Safety Officer position description can be found here.

For further assistance, please contact your local Regional Manager. They will be able provide guidance to you, with insights from what other clubs and other sports are also doing. 

To view the latest updates for your state click the relevant link below:


The below links will allow you to view external advice a resources

  Federal Government Advice - Dept Health
  Sport AUS Guidelines for Community Sport
  Dept Foreign Affairs - Smart Traveller
  World Health Organisation
  Australian Institute of Sport - COVID-19 and Sporting Activity

Or you can view our COVID-19 news feed below: