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Plan, prepare, deliver participation programs

Plan and prepare your Club Participation Programs here! 

For successful programs:
1. Vision and plan what you want to achieve
2. Prepare your workforce and stakeholders 
3. Deliver quality programs.

Programs Guide

These guides are a valuable resource for Clubs and Class associations to deliver quality programs for participants and members.

Participation Programs Guide


Step 1. Vision & Plan

Planning and health check tools to support clubs and classes on program development, plus set actions for long-term outcomes.

  Participation planning questionnaire
   Participation planning template

Step 2a. Prepare Coaches & Instructors

Tools and resources to develop club/class workforce to deliver quality repeatable programs.

  Instructor & Coach induction template 
  Instructor & Coach induction checklist
  Instructor & Coach referee report 
  Quick Wins to develop Instructors & Coaches

Step 2b. Prepare club/class stakeholders

Preparing program stakeholders of why, what and how programs are delivered, including expectations of stakeholders.

 Race Management Induction checklist
 Race Management Induction template
 Parent information handbook template 
 Parent Information Session template
 Parent Code of Conduct template
 Volunteer Matrix

Step 3. Deliver programs

Quality participant experience will retain people in programs and as members. Here are resources to support the quality delivery of programs.

 Daily procedures template
 Quality Experiences checklist

Coach resources to deliver Green, Intermediate & Advanced, and Foiling programs are located in the coach hub - login is required


Case studies

Stories from Clubs and Classes delivering programs.

Mount Martha Yacht Club
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club