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Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award contributes to the personal development of young Australians through each of the Award Sections, with the Physical Recreation component encouraging participants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Australian Sailing are proud to partner with the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award via the Duke 4Sport partnership. This partnership creates a link between the Physical Recreation Section of the Award, the Voluntary Service Section of the Award and sporting activities already undertaken by the Award participants belonging to an affiliated club.

Under this partnership, accredited Discover Sailing Centres will not only have the opportunity to assist and deliver a globally recognised Award, but will also enhance their ability to attract and retain players, as well as securing regular and ongoing volunteers that will be hugely beneficial to the Centre.

This partnership can assist Centres in engaging with schools who are delivering the Award.

Click here to learn more about the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.


Centre Resources

Where courses may attract Duke of Ed participants, Australian Sailing has now added the following logo and text to each course template in revSPORT:

Australian Sailing recognise that some of our participants are completing The Award and may be using this sport and club membership to complete one or more sections of their Award. Click here for more information on The Award.

Accredited Discover Sailing Centres can also utilise the above logo and wording for their own promotional material.

Logos are available for download below.

Further Information

If you have further questions how you could engage with Duke of Ed participants, please contact: