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An equipment based sport

Sailing is an equipment-based sport and trusting that other competitors' equipment meets the rules is incredibly important. Fortunately, the rules provide systems to deal with this and there are some great examples of it in play.
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On the rules with John Standley

Highly qualified and experienced rules expert John Standley was ‘What tips on the rules would you give to people with an interest in umpired match and team racing’. John shares his advice.
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Modification maintenance and repair

Some boat owners, often parents new to sailing, easily fall under a misapprehension that any changes to a boat result in it not complying with class rules. But this is a mistaken interpretation.
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Expert contribution

Australian Sailing would like to thank the Race Officers whose contribution was essential to develop the new Race Officer Policy released in 2023. Thanks to their valuable collaboration, the new policy and its resources substantially facilitates training and accreditation for Race Officer and improves the overall Race Officer quality to positively benefit our sailing community.
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Using the Categorisation Code

Clubs and classes can use the Categorisation Code to distinguish between sailors with a financial interest in the sport or who are being paid to race, and sailors who race only as a pastime.
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