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Equipment Auditors

Equipment Auditors

Who can be an auditor?

Any member of an Australian Sailing (AS) affiliated sailing club. You would be expected to have a strong understanding of the Special Regulations and experience in sailing yachts (NEA’s must have participated in category 1 or 2 races).

How do I become accredited as a Club Equipment Auditor?

AS members can accredit by registering and completing the free Club Equipment Auditor (CEA) online course. This course also includes the Code of Conduct and National Equipment Auditor exam which are a requirement for accreditation. You can search for an accreditation or reaccreditation course here.

How do I become accredited as a National Equipment Auditor?

If you wish to become a National Equipment Auditor you must first complete the Club Equipment Auditor (CEA) online course and then register and complete the National Equipment Auditor accreditation course.

The National course is a one-day face to face course which is addresses issues in offshore racing safety and focusses on the practical assessment of participants. You can search for an accreditation or reaccreditation course here.

How do I reaccredit?

For re-accreditation, Equipment Auditors are required to complete the following actions:

  • NEA: Submit a National Re-accreditation Application Form
  • CEA: Register for a CEA reaccreditation course and acknoledge to be up to date with the Australian Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing.

What is the qualification process?

Upon successfully completing the accreditation or reaccreditation process, Australian Sailing will issue you with the relevant Equipment Auditor qualification. The duration of appointment shall be not more than four years from the qualification grant date.

You can check the currency of your accreditation (or those members auditing for your club) by using the Find an Auditor link at the bottom of this page.

Senior Equipment Auditors:

State Name Email
NSW Phil Darling
NT Bob Colman
QLD Christopher Morgan
SA David Royle
TAS Chris Oh
VIC Malcolm Eaton
WA Manfred Speicher



NEAS resources have been created in consultation with the Senior Equipment Auditors nationally.

Your opinion is important to us... so if you do wish to share your feedback about these resources, please send us an email

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